Protect Valuables From Fading In a Home or Office

commercial window tinting includes tinting film, decorative window film, and safety glass film that can be applied to windows to reduce glare, add privacy, reduce energy costs and protect items from harmful ultra-violet light. Some films can even help protect property from vandalism, accidents and crime. Films come in varying shades, textures and designs and can be used in your home, offices and other businesses. They are versatile, affordable, removable and can be easily customized. You can get graphics, such as a company logo, or project objectives printed on the film. Area companies like Solartex professionally install window films and back the product and workmanship with warranties.

Window Film Columbus helps protect your residential interior furnishings, including furniture, carpeting, and fabrics by blocking solar heat and intense UV light. Direct sunlight causes severe fading and hot spots on carpet, rugs, curtains and blinds. Drying, cracking and peeling of paint, wood furniture, leather, plastics, artwork, photographs and books are also due to sunlight exposure. Any company that provides and installs window film will work with clients to strike that balance between enjoying the sunlight and keeping it from damaging belongings. Many tints are virtually clear, but there are choices that have texture and decorative designs to add privacy without distorting your views of the outside during the day or at night time.

There are some practical things to know about window film before getting it installed. Home improvement stores do carry window films and related products that may seem cheaper at first glance. The thing to consider is they can be difficult to install and it is possible to end up with bubbles and cracks in the film that compromise the look and the benefits of the film. Professional installers usually give you a guarantee against bubbles, cracks, peeling and discoloring over time. If the company you are considering does not offer a guarantee, consider another company.

You also need to know that most window manufacturers view filming or tinting of the windows as a modification to their original product, and may not honor their warranty. This is not really an important issue, however, because the manufacturers of window films offer a comparable warranty that matches that of most window manufacturers. You will still have a warranty on your windows, you just need to make sure that coverage is the same and that you are satisfied.

Security Window Film in Columbus adds privacy and safety to your home or office. This is ideal for conference rooms, doctor's offices and cubicles. Film is available textured to resemble etched or sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost. Safety glass film resists breaking and is designed to keep the glass together if it does break. It is also recognized by code inspectors as qualifying as tempered glass when professionally installed by skilled technicians. Window films, decorative and graphic vinyl films, and safety glass film are versatile, affordable and beneficial in both residential and commercial settings.